Design with love and care

Poussin-Lapin is a Portuguese brand from Cascais, created in 2020 by Maria Pinto-Coelho.

Maria is a civil engineer that as soon as she started to see her family grow, she gave up numbers and buiding sites, to stay at home with her baby girls and started to free her hidden creativity.


Greatly inspired by the beauty of children, and the magico g childhood, Maria began this project by making “little things” for her “little princesses”. Moved by the joy of seeing her ideas become real clothing with the happiness associated with it, she decided to take a course in a Fashion Design, where she soon became aware that fashion was a true vocation.


The brand name Poussin-Lapin (the French translation for Maria´s real name: Pinto-Coelho), meaning chick (poussin) and bunny (lapin), was inspired in Maria’s two beautiful daugthers, which she oftens looks at as: little chick and little bunny!

Poussin-Lapin has two main product categories: baby and children’s clothes and lifestyle accessories! roupa de bebé e criança e acessórios de lifestyle.

Based on the concepts of a slow and happy life, with a classy inspiration and quality driven, all the products are designed with love and care and produced in Portugal with the highest quality to last and be timeless!

Poussin-Lapin stands out by producing most of its pieces on the demand, according to the customer´s needs and taste, achieving this way more satisfied clients and reducing storage waste for a happier planet in all senses.